Bill Fletcher: Obama, Morocco and Saharawi Self-Determination

In his last year in office, Obama should push Morocco to respect Saharawi self-determination

Bill Fletcher: The Silence of Ageism in the Progressive Movements

Age discrimination is certainly nothing that social justice activists had to worry about in liberal and progressive sectors, right?

Bill Fletcher: Standing Against the Right

A resurgent and irrational Right always plays the race card

Bill Fletcher: My Growing Unease with the Candidacy of Dr. Ben Carson

What does it mean when candidates simply make things up? How should Black America view Carson’s candidacy?

Bill Fletcher: The Disasters Facing the Saharawi refugees

​That the Saharawi refugees have been in camps for 40 years is not a natural occurrence

Bill Fletcher: South Carolina’s Flood and the Matter of Shrinking Government

South Carolina’s disastrous flood calls into question both the ridiculousness of neo-liberal economics, but also the terribly scary side to it as well

Bill Fletcher: Puerto Rico’s crisis stays off of the USA media’s radar

Despite a desperate economic crisis, comparable to Greece’s, we only get an episodic look at what is crushing the nation of Puerto Rico

Bill Fletcher: The Growing Pains of Black Lives Matter

Movement activists discuss strategy and tactics in #BlackLivesMatter

Bill Fletcher: Kidney Stones and the missing elements of healthcare in the USA

Experiencing a common, though painful, occurrence raises some big questions about the scope of healthcare in the USA.

Bill Fletcher: The counter-attack that Planned Parenthood needs to launch

The existence of Planned Parenthood has been a victory for women. We do not simply need to defend it. We need to expand its work in service of women’s health from one end of this country to the other

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