Bill Fletcher: What Activists Committed to the Long-Haul Fight Can Learn from the Life of Organizer Fred Ross

Gabriel Thompson has produced one of the most thought-provoking books on organizing and affecting social change that I have read in some time

Bill Fletcher: Voter Repression Is a Serious Problem: It Is Time for a New Freedom Summer

Republicans have created immense obstacles to registration.

Bill Fletcher: Why Progressives Need a National Electoral Strategy—and Fast

We face a potential right-wing populist threat

Bill Fletcher: What Wins

Looking into the future, the benefits of attaining inspiring program will make each new hour applied to seeking change far more effective

Bill Fletcher: For a “Third Reconstruction”

Fear is a driving force in the USA and the fear of terrorism obscures so much of what is really at stake in matters of foreign policy

Bill Fletcher: Memo to Bernie: Change the Narrative

Thinking about Sanders, race, and us…

Bill Fletcher: Bernie and the Movement

Bernie Sanders is a boon to progressive politics. But we need a movement that rebuilds the networks and organizations of the Left

Bill Fletcher: Obama, Morocco and Saharawi Self-Determination

In his last year in office, Obama should push Morocco to respect Saharawi self-determination

Bill Fletcher: The Silence of Ageism in the Progressive Movements

Age discrimination is certainly nothing that social justice activists had to worry about in liberal and progressive sectors, right?

Bill Fletcher: Standing Against the Right

A resurgent and irrational Right always plays the race card

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