Bill Fletcher: Living the Life of an Organizer

The biographies of icons frequently fall into one of two categories. On the one hand they may be laudatory, in some cases turning the subject into a saint. At the opposite end, they can tend towards tell-all pieces, in some cases aiming to tear down the subject. What makes America’s Social Arsonist: Fred Ross and Read more…

Bill Fletcher: Changing the Paradigm: Women, National Liberation & Revolution in the 21st Century

A review of A Road Unforeseen: Women Fight the Islamic State, by Meredith Tax

Bill Fletcher: Fletcher Replies on Left Unity

The first thing that struck me about Michael Albert’s commentary was its call for a principled and humble debate within the Left and the recognition that there is no short distance between God’s mouth and any of our ears. Such an approach seems to be in the minority these days with sanctimonious commentaries offered in Read more…

Bill Fletcher: What Activists Committed to the Long-Haul Fight Can Learn from the Life of Organizer Fred Ross

Gabriel Thompson has produced one of the most thought-provoking books on organizing and affecting social change that I have read in some time

Bill Fletcher: Voter Repression Is a Serious Problem: It Is Time for a New Freedom Summer

Republicans have created immense obstacles to registration.

Bill Fletcher: Why Progressives Need a National Electoral Strategy—and Fast

We face a potential right-wing populist threat

Bill Fletcher: What Wins

Looking into the future, the benefits of attaining inspiring program will make each new hour applied to seeking change far more effective

Bill Fletcher: For a “Third Reconstruction”

Fear is a driving force in the USA and the fear of terrorism obscures so much of what is really at stake in matters of foreign policy

Bill Fletcher: Memo to Bernie: Change the Narrative

Thinking about Sanders, race, and us…

Bill Fletcher: Bernie and the Movement

Bernie Sanders is a boon to progressive politics. But we need a movement that rebuilds the networks and organizations of the Left

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