Gregory Wilpert: An Assessment of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution at Twelve Years

On the 12th anniversary of Chavez’s first oath of office as president of Venezuela on February 2, 1999, one can easily get the impression from the international mainstream media that Venezuela is trapped in a terminal spiral towards becoming a state socialist dictatorship. One reads about a failing economy, presidential authoritarianism, rampant crime and corruption, Read more…

Gregory Wilpert: A New Opportunity for Venezuela’s Socialists

The good news for Venezuela’s socialist and pro-Chavez forces is that while the September 26 National Assembly election might seem to be a disappointing result, because Chavez’s party won only about 50% of the popular vote, it is actually quite impressive. That is, after nearly 12 years in government and after two particularly bad years, Read more…

Gregory Wilpert: New York Times to Oliver Stone

It is truly amazing how a long-time Latin America correspondent who accuses Oliver Stone’s recently released documentary “South of the Border” of “mistakes, misstatements and missing details,” manages to get practically every single statement of his own wrong, misstated, or lacking in detail. This is all the more amazing, considering that the filmmakers and I Read more…

Gregory Wilpert: What Might Be 21st Century Socialism?

[Contribution to the Reimagining Society Project hosted by ZCommunications] Note: This text is adapted from the appendix of the book Changing Venezuela by Taking Power: The History and Policies of the Chávez Government (Verso Books, 2007) by Gregory Wilpert.     Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez has recently popularized the idea that we should re-imagine society Read more…

Gregory Wilpert: Venezuela’s Recall Show-Down

First, the three-year anniversary marks the half-way point of Chavez’ term in office and is thus the point after which Venezuelans who want to revoke the president’s mandate may begin petitioning for a recall referendum. Second, it is the point at which the Chavez government has launched a campaign to showcase the achievements of its Read more…

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