Justin Podur: The IOPS

I joined the International Organization for a Participatory Society. I don't join organizations lightly. I worked pretty intensely for a couple of years in an organization called the Canada Colombia Solidarity Campaign about ten years ago. I was involved in the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid for a few years. I am in a collective called Read more…

Justin Podur: Israel’s Flotilla Massacre

Overnight, Israeli commandos attacked an aid flotilla in the high seas, some 65km from Israel. The commandos killed at least 10 people and injured dozens of others, mostly Turkish nonviolent activists bound for Gaza who were aiming to break Israel’s siege with humanitarian supplies. Israel attacked all of the ships in the flotilla, but the Read more…

Justin Podur: My Resoc Interview

    1.    At a public talk someone asks you, "okay, I understand what you reject, but I wonder what you are for? What institutions do you want that you think will be better than what we have, for the economy, polity, gender, race, ecology, or whatever you think is central to have vision for? In Read more…

Justin Podur: A Day in Delhi

On my way from Pakistan to Kerala, I stopped for a day in Delhi – I have a couple of hours left in this very interesting city. Thanks to friends I had an excellent 48 hours, though I could have stayed much longer and learned much more. Still, a few thoughts to share. My teacher Read more…

Justin Podur: A bombing in Islamabad; suspended operations in NWFP

ISLAMABAD JULY 7/08 – Last night there was news of a suicide bombing at a police station near the Lal Mosque in Islamabad. The Lal Mosque, last year, was the site of a takeover by Muslim students, who had been doing vigilante actions and some kidnappings, and who were eventually overrun by force, with the Read more…

Justin Podur: Privatization for a prosperous Pakistan?

ISLAMABAD JULY 2, 2008 – In the coming days I am going to return to political and insurgency questions, but a couple more economic stories are in order. Today’s "Dawn" had an interesting report on the words of Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani, on economic policy. He identified the problem that Pakistan is not Read more…

Justin Podur: Pakistan’s Economy and energy prices

We had corn flakes this morning. The label says "Fauji Foundation". Yesterday we drove by the Askari bank. I know enough Arabic to know that Askari means "military". And indeed, my very knowledgeable host confirmed that it is indeed the military’s bank. As for the Fauji Foundation, that’s also owned by the military. Corn flakes, Read more…

Justin Podur: From Islamabad

I thought I could start blogging about the situation here in Pakistan, where I will be for a couple of weeks, and perhaps India as well, where I will be a couple of weeks after that. Even though most of what I will say here is based on reading the english-language Pakistani press (lacking any Read more…

Justin Podur: Alice Miller, traumas, and Youth Liberation

I figured I might as well take advantage of my psychology binge-reading to do some blogging, rather than keep all my thoughts to myself. The point for me isn’t to look for a psychological cause behind every political phenomenon, but to pay attention to a dimension of life, including political life, that I haven’t paid Read more…

Justin Podur: Alfie Kohn, rewards… and parecon

Some thoughts on alternative education author Alfie Kohn today. I started with his book, “Punished by Rewards”, which discusses why rewards (grades, gold stars, salary bonuses or any other kind of bribes) are not good things – not in workplaces, not in families, and not in schools. Why? Five reasons, Alfie says: 1. Rewards are Read more…

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