Justin Podur: The End of Universal Jurisdiction

Spain has struck down its case against Rwanda and the doctrine that once kept war criminals awake at night

Justin Podur: Silent Compromises

As Israel’s actions become more indefensible, its supporters increasingly subvert decent values … What will the rest of us do?

Justin Podur: Syria and Afghanistan: The Limits of Bombing

Considering flawed assumptions that lead to magical thinking about what the West can do in countries that it bombs

Justin Podur: The Uses of ISIS

Who is really fighting ISIS?

Justin Podur: The most dangerous moment in Colombia’s peace talks

Regional political changes that could sink the accord

Justin Podur: Even if Modi is running out of steam, there are many dangers for India ahead

Modi may be running out of steam, or he may find a second wind. The deeper issues India faces preceded his rise and will continue after he’s gone

Justin Podur: “Sovereign” Deportations: The Dominican Republic deportations cannot occur without US blessing

The influence that the U.S. has on Haiti and the DR give a special responsibility to North American friends of those countries

Justin Podur: The state murder of an activist

Sandra Bland’s killing exposes the impunity of US police more starkly than ever

Justin Podur: #HackedTeam and Colombia

How surveillance helps a violent state

Justin Podur: The Beginning of the End for Kagame?

If Kagame can’t shake off the stench of crimes against humanity, he may find himself becoming another one of the West’s dispensable dictators

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