Justin Podur: The Uses of ISIS

Who is really fighting ISIS?

Justin Podur: The most dangerous moment in Colombia’s peace talks

Regional political changes that could sink the accord

Justin Podur: Even if Modi is running out of steam, there are many dangers for India ahead

Modi may be running out of steam, or he may find a second wind. The deeper issues India faces preceded his rise and will continue after he’s gone

Justin Podur: “Sovereign” Deportations: The Dominican Republic deportations cannot occur without US blessing

The influence that the U.S. has on Haiti and the DR give a special responsibility to North American friends of those countries

Justin Podur: The state murder of an activist

Sandra Bland’s killing exposes the impunity of US police more starkly than ever

Justin Podur: #HackedTeam and Colombia

How surveillance helps a violent state

Justin Podur: The Beginning of the End for Kagame?

If Kagame can’t shake off the stench of crimes against humanity, he may find himself becoming another one of the West’s dispensable dictators

Justin Podur: Israel’s Battles in Sports, Law and Science

Only when people start thinking of Palestinians as human beings deserving of rights will a just resolution of the conflict with equal rights for everyone be possible

Justin Podur: ISIS Is The Child of Chaos, Not Religion

Western intervention has aided the growth of groups such as the Islamic State

Justin Podur: Profiting from Dictatorship

Egypt’s increasingly totalitarian dictatorship is not described that way by the countries that do business with it, even if countries have citizens who have suffered at its hands

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