Joe Emersberger: US Support for Terrorism Against Cuba Unexposed & Unnoticed by Reuters

A Reuter’s Caracas based correspondent, Andrew Cawthorne, who was once based in Cuba, wrote a piece entitled “U.S.-Cuba rapprochement exposes Venezuela’s Maduro”. The headline bizarrely suggests a blow was just delivered to Venezuelan president Nicaloas Maduro by Obama’s decision to normalize relations with Cuba. However, contradicting the odd headline, Cawthorne wrote “Though they are unlikely Read more…

Gabriel Levy: The spectre of social unrest is haunting Putin’s Russia

This is from the People & Nature site On Russia’s “Black Tuesday” yesterday (16 December), the Central Bank tried to stop the ruble’s value falling by hiking interest rates. It didn’t work. The bankers and corporations panicked; the ruble kept falling. It has now lost half its value in six months. The main cause is Read more…

Marc Beallor: Articles by Marc Beallor

Women, Power, and Social Change Book Review: “Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA”

Joe Emersberger: Who will be Discredited When Venezuela Doesn’t Default? Nobody.

In this article, Bloomberg (Ye Xie, Katia Porzecanski and Pietro D. Pitts) wonder who will seize Venezuelan assets if the government defaults. A better question would be “How will Bloomberg’s reporting change when Venezuela doesn’t default?” The global economic meltdown that took place a few years ago, and from which we are still recovering, answered Read more…

Nasir Khan: US stands against the Palestinians’ right to independence and state

Nasir Khan, December 16, 201 America cannot go against the wishes and diktat of Israel. That means it will veto any bid to statehood for Palestine in the United Nations Security Council and it may instead use the empty rhetoric of ‘direct negotiations between the parties’ as the only way forward, knowing fully well that Read more…

Nasir Khan: The Pakistan Taliban want to impose Islamic rule and Sharia laws in Pakistan

Nasir Khan, Dec. 16, 2014 The latest attack on young children in Pakistan by the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) has shocked us all. On this sad occasion my condolences to all those who were affected by this large scale massacre of innocent young pupils and the injuring of many. People may hold differing views on this Read more…

Joe Emersberger: USA “Suspicious” of Venezuela’s Role in Drug Trade, Therefore so is Reuters

Massive quantities of illegal drugs are produced in Colombia and consumed in the EU and the USA, but to Reuters it’s obvious that Venezuela is the suspicious one. Who could possibly suspect that corruption within the US, EU and Colombian governments contributes at all to drug trafficking? Not the Reuters journalists in Caracas (Diego Ore, Read more…

Don Fitz: Green Time TV: Protecting Our Communities and Ourselves

Green Time TV: Protecting Our Communities and Ourselves   by Don Fitz   People need to actively to protect themselves from poisons toxins like Agent Orange and rubber mulch. Challenges to communities include infrastructure issues such as storm water control and planned overdevelopment. January 2015 episodes of Green Time TV explore these issues.   Is Read more…

Sarah Owens: Whatever Happened to IOPS?

This blog was co-authored by the IOPS chapters of Dublin, Melbourne, Missoula, New York City, Salem and Vienna.  It was written for the benefit of IOPS members and was originally published on the IOPS website with a bunch of cool pictures under the title “What Happened” (those who prefer illustrations might want to read the Read more…

Nasir Khan: The break-up of Pakistan in 1971

Nasir Khan, December 9, 2014 In 1971, under the orders of President Yahya the Pakistani army unleashed Operation Searchlight in East Pakistan. What the army was asked to do was to crush all opposition after political negotiations between Sheikh Mujibur Rehman and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to form the national government failed. In fact, it was Read more…

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