Nasir Khan: The Forces of Darkness and Ignorance in Pakistan

Nasir Khan, June 23, 2016 The tragedy that started in 1947 in the shape of Pakistan and in the name of Islam has continued uninterrupted since then. In this country, Islam was transformed into a cult of ignorance and darkness and then into a cult of death and violence. Muslim leaders and politicians initiated their Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Will the Guardian Correct an Atrocious Article by Julian Borger?

This article by Julian Borger on Venezuela’s economy sates that “By IMF figures, it has the world’s worst negative growth rate (-8%), and the worst inflation rate (482%). The unemployment rate is 17% but is expected to climb to near 30% in the coming few years.” The IMF values that Borger reports are projections for 2016, not confirmed data Read more…

Mark Evans: Occupy +

Resurrecting Occupy and Breathing Life into Shared Program by Taking it to the Streets There is a new initiative called People for a Shared Program (P4SP). As its starting point this new initiative uses a document co-authored and / or signed by 87 people, many of whom are well known and generally respected on the Read more…

Don Fitz: Green Time TV: Broken Systems – Real Alternatives

Green Time TV Broken Systems – Real Alternatives by Don Fitz When systems break down, it’s time to develop new ones. July Green Time episodes explore systems of energy, health care, nuclear power, capital punishment, and animal agriculture. Residential energy efficiency can play a key role in reducing demand for electricity. In the first July Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Another day, another outrageous lie in the WAPO about Venezuela

To see how terrible the western media is, just follow its Venezuela coverage. In a Washington Post op-ed, David Ignatius wrote  “Delay would also allow Maduro’s supporters more time to organize militias to sustain the leftist movement organized by Venezuela’s volcanic dictator Hugo Chávez, who died in 2013.” Ignatius lies causally and extravagantly about the past while also Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Mariana Zuñiga takes her rotten journalism to the Washington Post

Zuñiga’s recent BBC article was horrible (and never corrected by the BBC). She used it to spread one unsubstantiated whopper after another. Now she takes to the Washington Post to write “In a country where inflation is soaring toward 700 percent and the economy shrank 10 percent last year…” Venezuela’s GDP shrank 5.7% last year. The Read more…

Nasir Khan: The massacre in Orlando

Nasir Khan, June 13, 2016 The massacre of so many innocent people at the hands of Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old US citizen was a deplorable and savage act. What made him commit such a horrendous crime is not clear. The pieces of information we saw on the telescreens show him to have been a mentally Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Email to Tracy Wilkinson of LA Times Re. Venezuela

Re: U.S. nudges the Vatican, other allies to help rescue Venezuela Dear Tracy Wilkinson: You wrote “Socialist, anti-U.S. governments have ruled Venezuela since Chavez came to power in 1999, prevailing over a brief 2002 coup that Chavez blamed on Washington.” The U.S. State Department’s Office of Inspector General stated that the Bush administration had “provided training, institution Read more…

Joe Emersberger: To its credit, Reuters sets the record straight on Venezuela’s recall process

To anyone who values honest journalism, it was nice to see that this Reuters article did not let a statement by Venezuelan opposition leader, Henrique Capriles, totally mislead readers. The Venezuelan opposition is claiming they are being denied their constitutional right to a recall referendum against Nicolas Maduro. As I explained in some detail here, if Read more…

Nasir Khan: Inherited beliefs and freethinking

Nasir Khan, May 28, 2016 All human children are born in the same way, according to the physiological and biological reproductive system of human beings. Right from their infancy, they learn about the customs and rituals of their societies through their parents and other close relatives. Of course, they follow the religion of their parents Read more…

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