Vincent Emanuele: Ten Years Later: Reflections on Katrina and Iraq

In the end, there are consequences for our actions and inactions. When events like Hurricane Katrina, or the invasion of Iraq takes place, the eventual fallout is immeasurable

Carl Finamore: Property Investors Buying, Evicting & Profiting Banks Displacing People

There is no question that activism was having an impact on the First Republic Bank

Kathy Kelly: Replanting

Our shared future requires faith that whatever lays ahead, small gestures undertaken now – a folded message, a careful planting – are not lost

Pete Dolack: Dump The Kid And Get Back To Work

Here is the complete list of all the countries in the world that do not provide paid maternity leave for women workers: Papua New Guinea, United States of America

Paul Street: The Real Cost of Being Poor: Reflections from the Heartland

Serious debates over what the minimum wage should be in various U.S. locales and jurisdictions should start with serious information on what it actually costs to live in the different places where Americans live

Paul Street: Trumped: On the Political and Ideological Functions of The Donald

Trump’s ugly and vicious madness, buffoonery, narcissism, and revanchism help make the “mainstream” Big Money candidates Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton look reasonable, responsible, respectable, mature, and trustworthy by comparison

Vincent Emanuele: Donald Trump, Working Class Whites and the Left

If the Left hopes to win, we’re going to need to organize white working class communities, some of whom will transition from reactionaries to left-wing radicals

Pete Dolack: Speculators Circling Puerto Rico Latest Mode Of Colonialism

The financial industry, in contrast to the mythology it loves to peddle, does not create wealth — it confiscates wealth, attempting to profit off every aspect of human activity

Vincent Emanuele: War and Culture: Becoming Politically Conscious

The next time you run into someone who’s the least bit interested in politics, please invite them to your house for a dinner party, not the next local organizing meeting

Carl Finamore: San Francisco Too Valuable for Poor People

Landlords behaving badly

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